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Friday, December 11, 2009

80 Bicycles Power One House

The BBC puts 80 cyclists to the test huffing-and-puffing to generate enough electricity to keep up with an electric water heater. Watch this video (dang! no embed!)... and watch out for the naked guy!

1 house, 80 cyclists... o.k., so maybe bicycle power isn't a viable option for all of our home electricity needs. Of course, we could always try slavery, like they did in good old Athens... though for that many drachmas, a wind turbine and solar panel shingles are probably still a better deal.


  1. For another cool example of bicycle-generated power, see this story about this year's Christmas lights in Copenhagen.

    So, when are we getting our bike generator?

  2. By the way, Copenhagen and all of Denmark are great examples of how increasing alternative energy and reducing carbon emissions can go hand-in-hand with economic growth.

    From this article: "Denmark's energy efficiency is today among the highest in the EU, and continues to rise each year. The country has one of the most efficient uses of energy and a low level of CO2-emission in relation to production levels, compared to other EU and OECD countries. Since 1980, Denmark's economy has grown by 78%, alongside nearly stable energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions . . . From 1990 to 2007, economic activity in Denmark increased by more than 45%, while CO2 emissions decreased by more than 13%."

    More details are in this paper, which is well worth reading.

  3. I have often wondered why we are bickering on this. Its not like we are leading the way on this issue. There are examples out there to follow. Whats really odd??? These are countries where we all came from. Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden....

  4. Call Jane, tell her to rig up a design for us! Then we can work out in the basement.

    April, we would do well to learn from our Scandinavian cousins. We can innovate, clean up the environment, get more self-sufficient, and enjoy economic growth.


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