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Friday, December 11, 2009

Utah Gov. Orders Across-the-Board Cuts

While South Dakota Apparently skates by with spending freezes and stimulus money, rookie Utah Governor Gary Herbert is biting the budget bullet and ordering his state agencies to make immediate 3% cuts in their spending. Potentially on the chopping block:
  • 942 state jobs, on top of nearly 2000 already made this year
  • K-12 teachers (meaning more kids per classroom)
  • university enrollment (imagine our Board of Regents telling SDSU and the other campuses, "Don't admit any more students")
  • housing assistance for the disabled
  • prison bunks—some cons could get early release!
Well, South Dakota, how was your budget week?

1 comment:

  1. I hope your post proves that across the board cuts are the wrong approach. Instead we need to do the work of prioritizing spending and cut the less important stuff. For example, instead of cutting teachers, cut the entire Department of Education bureaucracy. Instead of adding more to Medicaid via raising the income levels of those who qualify for SCHIP, elect federal representatives and presidents who believe in the limited government our founding fathers created.


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