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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Curd Denigrates Nelson's Public Service

I'm not voting for Chris Nelson, but I'm happy to defend his record as a man who has made a career as an honest and effective public servant. As South Dakota's Secretary of State (yes! the state web still has the mustache picture! Grow it back, Chris!), Nelson has protected the electoral process and promoted government openness (not to mention really cool Web gizmos!)

But Dr. R. Blake Curd is ready to make Chris Nelson's career of public service a campaign issue. From yesterday's Mount Blogmore live chat with Kevin Woster:

Woster: What do you feel are the main differences between you and Chris Nelson?

Curd: We are two very different people. We share some similar beliefs, but I bring a very different perspective to the problems that face SD and our Nation. I have served in the Air Force and defended the USA overseas. I have run businesses in the private sector. I have helped create jobs and opportunities for people. I have nearly 20 years experience in health care as a physician and have seen how governmental policies effect [sic] the delivery of health care. People in South Dakota have told me there are ready for a Congressman who doesn't see political office as a career, but as a service. I am that kind of person [emphasis mine].

Gee, R. Blake, some people could say the same thing about medicine: isn't helping people supposed to be a service, not a money-making opportunity?

Chris Nelson has chosen to make his living as a servant of the people. His work is valuable and vital to democracy, as vital as anything Dr. R. Blake Curd has done to make his money, and certainly more honorable and unselfish than R. Blake's political opportunism and Washington lobbying. Nelson has earned every penny we taxpayers have paid him.

If the doctor thinks the route to Washington includes trashing Chris Nelson's record of public service, he's in for a rude awakening among the GOP faithful and the voters of South Dakota whom Nelson has served so well.


  1. At least both Nelson and Curd are meeting with the public. Where is Stephanie?? Sending out expensive, four-fold, color, pat herself on the back fliers stating that she is supportive of veterans. We all know that. She should be spending this recess meeting with her constituents in well-publicized open meetings, as should Johnson. But.... What do we know. We are after all the little people and the DC's lifers know better what is good for us so we should just be quiet and accept it. Well, we are now awake to the goings on in DC and have questions and concerns and should have the opportunity to speak to our employees, which is what Herseth and Johson actually are whether they think so or not.

  2. Cory,

    Why do you speak for the GOP and the Tea Party movement, you hate both with a passion?

  3. As a person who is truly undecided between Curd and Nelson, I don't have the same reaction you do.

    A candidate highlighting their differences is part of the process. Blake has a different experience than Chris and from that different experience bring different gifts and perspectives.

    And in a robust campaign, the voters get the chance to choose which experience and perpective they most value at this time.

  4. "he's in for a rude awakening among the GOP faithful"


    Thanks for coming forward and refuting Cory's nonconstructive and hatefilled rant. I agree with your analysis. Chris has been a great example of a public servant, and I believe he would be a great representative for South Dakota. But it is true that he is a government insider, while Curd comes from the outside, and that is a relevant distinction.

    Cory is also a government insider and shows what happens to those who adopt a pro-government bias. It is not pretty, and it is not the kind of attitude we need in the corrupt DC system.

  5. "Cory is also a government insider...."

    Now you're just pasting labels with no connection to reality, Steve. I can't even get on the school board (and I've tried three times). I am not, by any stretch of the most fertile imagination, a government insider.

  6. Steve Sibson12/31/2009 4:22 PM


    Are you not working for a state government university?

  7. Steve Sibson1/01/2010 10:20 AM


    I am waiting for an answer to my question.

  8. Steve Sibson1/01/2010 8:39 PM

    What's wrong Cory, you don't want to admit to having something in common with the special interest plutocrats, a financial interest in expanding Big Government?


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