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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Governor Rounds Pardons Pot Possessor; Newland Next?

I notice Governor Rounds issued another batch of pardons last week. Among the latest convictions erased from the record is Philip Schmitt's 2001 conviction for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Hmmm... do you figure there's any chance the governor might extend a similar courtesy to Schmitt's former fellow felon Bob Newland, who currently labors under an unusual if not unconstitutional restriction of his First Amendment rights as part of his sentence for pot possession? Come on, Gov—Newland's been behaving, making a decent living snapping photos... pot photos, sure, but for the good of public health and positive customer experiences. Newland has also been improving customer experiences for our tourists.

The Gov. lets off thieves and forgers and even a gal who beat someone up—what's a guy got to do to swing a break in this state? Pardon Bob Newland!

Update 22:13 CST: Guess who else thinks pardoning Bob Newland is a good idea? Hint: he's running for Congress....

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