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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Republican A.G. Proposes Government Takeover of Health Care

U.S. House GOP candidate Thad Wasson frets over a health care bill that would give the feds "control over the entire health care system." In the next breath, he says we must maintain Medicare.

I have yet to see any bill in Congress that creates complete government-run health care. However, I do see South Dakota Attorney General and good Republican Marty Jackley wants control over your prescription drugs. Evidently prescription drug abuse investigations have almost tripled since 2007. Plus, we're looking like a bunch of rubes to out-of-town pharmacists. So AG Jackley would like to create a big database of prescriptions, apparently so the nice folks in Pierre will know you're taking your medicine and not Rush Limbaugh's.

So, conservative friends, will you accept this clear bit of government control of health care for the sake of the war on drugs?

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  1. The links cited a burglary in Philip and an armed robbery in Aberdeen as reasons for this proposed listing. I don't get the connection.


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