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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Completes Another Madison Home, Thanks Volunteers

The East Central South Dakota chapter of Habitat for Humanity just finished its 2009 house in Madison. Happy owners Nicole and Jacob Williams officially closed on the house yesterday. They and their daughter McKenna are moving their stuff into their new home on the north side of town just in time for Christmas. The Williams family came to the Habitat volunteer thank-you dinner to express their thanks in person:

The Habitat chapter took time to extend thanks to a lot of people, including 2009 Supporter of the Year Shawn Miller of Madison. He's busted his chops for Habitat, putting in hundreds of hours on two houses and serving on the board (some might argue that board meetings are more taxing than shingling).

Also offering thanks to the volunteers were the DSU Singers, Barb Hegg's intrepid student singers, who took time off from studying for finals to come perform some a cappella Christmas music, including a lively little PDQ Bach holiday arrangement.

If you missed the dinner, you can check out some more pix here. And you can consider yourself invited to next year's thank-you dinner: all you have to do is donate... and warm up your hammers for the 2010 Habitat house!

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