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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nothing But Good News on Wind Power

Good news on wind power—but wait, there's more!
  1. Mike Knutson at Reimagine Rural finds (via The Rural Blog and Fortune Magazine) a study showing that the wind power industry employs 85,000 workers... 4,000 more than the coal mining industry! That's also a one-year increase of 70%.
  2. SDPB's state news break just reported that Public Utilities Commissioners Dusty Johnson and Steve Kolbeck predict South Dakota will double its wind power generating capacity in 2010. (Again, not a word or a whine about the demise of smoky dirty Big Stone II.)
  3. Meanwhile, Kansas City Power & Light is looking to quadruple its wind power capacity by 2012, per an agreement it signed with the Sierra Club. Cost note: KCP&L built a 100.5-megawatt wind farm in Spearville, Kansas, for $164 million in 2006. That's $1.6 million per megawatt. Big Stone II's smoky dirty coal power would have cost $2.7 million per megawatt.

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