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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stip Auction Draws Huge Attendance

The Stip estate auction is off and running. I'm working on some photos of the huge lines of machinery, not to mention the hundreds of trucks and occasional cars filling the fields and roads around the farm headquarters. Stay tuned for a photo update later today.

But for now, a quick count: on my drive north back to Madison, along six miles of 454th Street, in seven minutes I encountered 11 cars with Lake County plates, 23 cars with South Dakota plates from outside Lake County, and 18 cars sporting out-of-state plates. (There was also one car with SD plates reading "JESUS". That's what he'll be saying when he gets to Stips' and tries finding a parking spot.) That's 52 cars, mostly from elsewhere along a road where I might usually meet just a handful of local drivers.

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