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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stip Estate Auction: Photos!

I've uploaded my photos from the Stip Brothers' estate auction to Flickr. I had to head in to work before the bidding started at Stip HQ, but I'll bet the auctioneers will still be chanting away through the rows of tires and tanks and trucks and tractors after lunch. I'll also bet the local diners are going to see a surge in business today—grease up those spatulas!

I also noticed one enterprising neighbor put up a sign in his driveway reading "Tool Sale". There's that good Prairie Village thinking folks get around here when they do their rummage sales at Jamboree time: put up a sign, set out some old stuff, and out of a thousand people driving by, at least a couple are bound to stop and look and maybe hand over money for something cluttering your shed. Kind of like spam... but less intrusive, more voluntary.


  1. You can watch this crazy thing on line. The Hummer just sold for $43,500.

  2. Out of my price range.


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