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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chris Nelson Live-Chats on Mt. Blogmore Today!

Secretary of State and GOP candidate for U.S. House Chris Nelson takes the hot seat in live-chat with Kevin Woster on Mount Blogmore today at noon Mountain, 1 p.m. Central. Fellow citizens, get on over there and ask Chris some tough questions, like...
  1. You appeared at a political rally with Kitty Werthmann. Do you buy her Nazi fear-mongering?
  2. You appeared at a political rally with Nancy First. Do you agree with her call for allowing people to carry guns in courthouses, bars, and schools?
  3. Do you support Rep. Herseth Sandlin's earmarking of federal funds to promote the proposed expansion of Highway 34 east of Madison?
  4. How do you respond to criticism from your opponent R. Blake Curd that you have chosen to make a career out of public service?
  5. What do we have to do get you to grow back that manly 'stache?
Before, with soup-strainer
After, sans soup-strainer

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