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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gary SD Shoots for Tourism and Economic Development

Rule #47 for small town econoic development: know your market. News comes out that South Dakota saw a record jump in concealed weapons permits in 2009, and not a week later, what does the Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary advertise?

Concealed Carry Getaway Weekends, Feb 6 & Mar 27, 2010, Buffalo Ridge Resort, Gary, SD
The Concealed Carry Getaway Weekends, February 6 and March 27. Training, classes on gun laws, snowmobiling, coyote hunting, and ice fishing (no, you cannot use your firearm on the fish).

A lot of my neighbors may think Gary will be the safest town in South Dakota that weekend. The coyotes may disagree.

Of course, coyotes get a whole 'nother weekend in their honor:

2010 Coyote Classic Predator Tournament, Feb 20-21, Buffalo Ridge Resort, Gary, SD
Look out, varmints! Gary has an economic development plan, and it's target is you!


  1. This is my town! Thanks for the publicity, Cory.

  2. Awesome! I was wondering when they were planning to have the varmint tourney.

    Aaron Heidelberger

  3. Hey, thanks for the promo for Gary!! As for the state's release on the weapons permits and the timing of the event and our post... well what can i say, we're just a bunch of smart cookies here in Deuel. ;) ;) Funny how things happen like that you don't plan them! Gracias-