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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lake County Names 13 Citizens, 1 Hothead Blogger to Water Quality Committee

Recently Steve Sibson called me a "government insider." I told Steve pretty much anyone who knows me and Madison politics would find that statement laughable.

Alas, I take it all back. Steve is right: the Lake County Commission just made me a "government insider" by appointing me along with 13 other neighbors to the new Clean Water Quality Committee. The roster, as printed in the nice letter from Bert Verhey that I just retrieved from my frigid mailbox:
  • Craig Johannsen, Winfred
  • Jan Ncolay, Chester
  • Chuck Robbins, Wentworth
  • Larry Kotten, Wentworth
  • Cory Allen Heidelberger, Lake Herman
  • Dale Droge, Madison
  • Terry Ryan, Madison
  • Linda Hilde, Madison
  • Walter Schaefer, Winfred
  • Martin Jarrett, Madison
  • Michelle Goodale, Madison
  • Bryan Schultz, Madison
  • Charles Johnson, Winfred
  • Kent Petersen, Madison
Clean Water Quality Committee—hmmm... does that mean we aren't going to discuss the quality of dirty water?

The CWQC starts meeting as soon as one of us calls a meeting. Yahoo!

1 comment:

  1. Two things I suppose

    1 if the county commission wanted to consider water quality committee as insiders, they would give them a vote

    2 low population density prevents specialists (there aren't enough) from contributing to south dakota solutions. The county commission still acts as drainage board?

    If you want to get your arms around part of the water quality problem, read the drainage ordinance (a well thought out document actually), and read Elisa Sands article from I don't know, 3 days ago. Then shake your head, shake your head, shake your head.


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