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Saturday, January 16, 2010

GF&P Staff Suggested Free List for SHS

Madville Times Suggests Egg on Face for Curd/GOP Breakfast

Reporter Bob Mercer, who has said from the start the Republicans were twisting his story on Rep. Herseth Sandlin and the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks mailing list, now reports the Republicans are flat wrong. It was GF&P director of administration Chris Petersen, not the Congresswoman's staff, who initially suggested waiving the fees for obtaining lists of South Dakota hunting and fishing license holders.

In his rush to make political hay, Dr. R. Blake Curd has simply stepped in something that rhymes with the name of a prominent candidate (and it's not a telson).


  1. Two bits this never sees the light of day on the War College campus. Good post, Cory.

  2. Anyone who has been involved in mailing lists, whether for campaigns or constituent mailings, knows that the first inquiry deals with availability and that the agency customarily apprises a requester of charges and other conditions. But these accusations fabricated by those who dwell where the sun doesn't shine are what was used against Tom Daschle, although the blogs at that time were merely symptomatic of what the campaign against him was circulating in other venues.

    War College's fraudulent representations of Bob Mercer's reporting seem to be a source of pride among that crowd.


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