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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pastor Wallis Applies Christian Values to Economic Recovery

Oh, those darn preachers, always talking about Christian values instead of practical issues like the econ—oh, my.... What's that Reverend Jim Wallis said about greed and how our economic recovery depends on our moral recovery?

...I want to not go back to where we were. I want to say, where can we chart a different course here? For example, to move to a clean energy economy is more than rewiring the energy grid, it's rewiring ourselves -- our habits, our choices, our expectations. On the banks, a number of us are deciding to move our money to local banks that have really behaved much more responsibly and still serve our communities. So I think there could be a real mini movement here, a citizen movement of people trying to look at their own family, lifestyle, choices, and accountability on Wall Street and in Washington. I think we have to rebalance -- we've lost our balance here, how do we regain our balance and then go forward? [Rev. Jim Wallis, interview with Bill Radke, "Values Can Shape Economic Recovery," Marketplace Morning Edition, 2010.01.15]

Bad morals don't cause earthquakes, but they do have social impacts, like recessions. I humbly suggest Rev. Wallis shows us how his Christian values can point us toward healthy local economies.

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