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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pickens Plan Back in Ads: Fight Turbans, Build Turbines?

So what does old oil man T. Boone Pickens have to say about our energy future? Wake the heck up!

T. Boone is back, advocating his plan to replace all the natural gas used to generate electricity with wind power and then use that natural gas to replace all the oil we use for transportation. Natural gas, says Pickens, is "cheap, cleaner, abundant, and it's ours."

Pickens takes a bite of the "Be afraid of terrorists" apple, telling reporters that the failed Christmas crotch bomber reminds that "we are still at war."

Tell you the truth, when it comes to fighting terrorists, I'd rather put up windmills than drop my pants at the airport.

  • I appreciate Rep. Dan Lederman's effort to get South Dakota to yank its state investments in Iran. However, from the "tip of the iceberg" department, the U.S. imported 1.5 billion barrels of oil from other "dangerous or unstable" countries... and that doesn't include 435 million more barrels that year from Venezuela (and Republicans chide President Obama for talking to Hugo Chavez).
  • Oh, and did I say failed crotch bomber? NDSU prof Jarret Brachman says the jihadis think otherwise:

    "They have a fundamentally different understanding of what success is. For them, as long as they're in the fight, they've succeeded. As long as they're generating media attention, as long as this dominates our minds, they're winning. They don't have to actually execute the attack [Dr. Jarret Bachman, interview with Deborah Amos, NPR Morning Edition, 2010.01.14].

    It makes me nervous that I can think like a terrorist.


  1. i cant disagree with TBP's plan. very reasonable.

    we have already had lots of propane powered cars and trucks not that long ago (go 70's and 80's!) and they performed wonderfully. so well that their maintenance costs were waay less, burn soo much cleaner, etc... only concern, big tank of compressed fuel... but built into the car correctly with a safety cage of sorts and the correct kind of safety valves, i would think they would be every bit as safe as a normal gas tank.
    there is no reason we cant do the same thing with natural gas - heck, even be able to fill up your tank at home! talk about convenience!!

  2. Mike, it's done. The Brazilians used NG gas for years. In the US the test vehicles are in Utah.
    In Brazil when one goes to the pump with many car models, one has to decide what fuel to use: NG, pure ethanol, or ethanol blend - because the engines can take all three. These cars are made by exotic companies such as Honda, Chevy, Fiat, etc. The US is sssssssssooooooo behind due to our dysfunctional congress and two party system.

    John Kelley

  3. exactly my point - i know they make em - have for years. but they dont sell em here..... not even an orderable option just to see how many people would try em!?! thats just messed up... if we had some supply here to try out, there could actually be some demand for them! crazy concept i know.... :)


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