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Thursday, January 14, 2010

See CapJournal's David Montgomery Surrounded by Ladies in Bikinis

So I go to Behind Government Lines to read David Montgomery's latest dispatch from the Capitol. Instead of enjoying the normal BGL hum of good reporting and mild-mannered commentary, I find myself visually assualted by this graphic monstrosity (click to enlarge, if you dare):

David Montgomery surrounded by bikini ladies... thanks to too many of the same online ad on the Capitol Journal blogscreen cap, Behind Government Lines, 2010.01.14 (click to enlarge)

At least these cartoon ladies aren't dancing like all those moms President Obama sent swaggering back to school. But still, Capitol Journal staff, is this really what you want your otherwise really really good blog page to look like?


  1. I'm just glad my advertisements finally reflect my daily life.

  2. Hang in there Dave. There are worse things.


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