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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poll Reminder: Sunshine Liquor Good for Madison?

We're halfway through the latest Madville Times poll, which asks whether Sunshine's new liquor store will be good for Madison. As you can see from the running tally in the left sidebar, nays are outpacing ayes at the moment.

But there are three days to go: poll closes Monday at breakfast time. If you've voted already, thanks for contributing to Madison's best (and only!) public market analysis. If you haven't voted, please do! Even if you're not from Madison, feel free to vote and share your comments (at the original poll post, please) from afar on the benefits and costs of adding another major liquor outlet to Madison's economy.

Tell your friends—let's give Sunshine as broad a sampling of public opinion as we can muster. Sunshine doesn't have a suggestion box, so this is the best chance you'll get to air your opinion. Vote now!


  1. The real question is not whether Dan Roemen should expand his liquor department since it is his business and he can do what he feels will be most profitable. The question should be whether we can somehow retain or replace the entertainment source and jobs that were lost when Mr. Movies didn't renew their lease.

    Is our Chamber, Madison Retailers or LAIC or a combination of both staying in contact with Mr. Movies' owners to secure a different location in Madison?

    They were in negotiations with the owners of Pro Cellular to rent the unused side of their building, but that fell through. There are several other options for them in Madison.

    Let's hope we are able to reopen this family entertainment source and retain those jobs somewhere in Madison. If not, perhaps a store like Radio Shack or another retailer will pick up the movie and game rental possibilities within their existing store.

  2. The silence from the economic development organs of our town is curious. I guess when small businesses run by someone not on the town's A-list shut down, we just shrug and pretend we are free market purists. But if you're a big guy and run into trouble, we trot out all sorts of assistance, incentives, and other intrusions on the free market to help.


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