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Monday, January 4, 2010

Vote in New Poll: Sunshine's Liquor Expansion Good for Madison?

You know I'm no fan of alcohol, but I want your opinion: will replacing Mr. Movies with an expanded liquor section at Sunshine/JubiShine be good for Madison? Register your answer to that question by voting in the newest Madville Times poll in the left sidebar.

You can look at the question from numerous angles. For instance, will the new liquor store...
  • ...increase jobs?
  • ...fulfill an unmet need for local consumers?
  • ...generate more sales tax revenue?
  • ...draw more out-of-town shoppers?
  • ...contribute to more alcohol-related problems?
  • ...decrease property values?
  • ...force competitors out of business?
  • ...hurt Madison's image?
Do your socioeconomic calculus, vote in the sidebar, and, if you like, explain your vote right here in the comment section. Tell your neighbors, and let's get a big sample on this one! Poll deadline is Monday, Jan. 11, at 6 a.m.


  1. There is already an ample supply so it won't impact consumers generally.

    The only thing this will impact will be sunshine profits. Not sure if it will be positive or negative for them. There are many pre-existing suppliers and the margins on alcohol are already small because of existing competition. Also, the competition does not need to invest in new infrastructure so I expect sunshine's overhead to be higher.

    Since supply is already high, this move won't increase our consumption, decrease the per unit price, lead to increased sin-taxes, or lead to a cash cow for sunshine. This will most likely result in decreased revenue for existing suppliers as some clientele will go to sunshine for their beverage of choice.

  2. Just a point here. I'm not voting in this poll because the poll does not IMO address your problem with this. The former tenant was given a chance to keep his lease, he chose not to. So Sunshine as a business as a right to expand, rent to someone else, or do whatever is legal with its business,and that's how it should be. Am I a fan of liquor stores? No. Does Madison have enough? Of course; anything over one or two should be sufficient anywhere! But, how many dollar store types should Madison have? We have more than enough of them too. My point is this - Sunshine decided to do this when the former tenant didn't renew its lease, and shouldn't be criticized for doing what it wants with its own business. If it makes a profit or not is to be seen.

    I'd still prefer to see a Walmart come to town, if you want my opinion, and that would be good for Madison.

  3. Linda, as Tony's astute analysis shows, the question isn't about me or my opinion. I'm wondering what consumer opinion and demand is. I want to hear from everyone else what they buy and what they perceive to be the business/consumer needs of this community. Voting in the poll doesn't mean you support or oppose my opinion: it simply provides market information about which I am genuinely curious and which might even help other business owners make decisions about how to serve the local market and make a buck. So, care to vote?

    (And stay tuned, Linda: if you remind me, I may run polls on Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee next!)


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