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Monday, January 4, 2010

SD Media on Hyperion: Corporate Line Always Comes First

Mr. Epp reacts the same way I did to that Sioux Falls paper's headlining of some pro-Hyperion propaganda over the weekend. Hoping that most readers pay attention to only the first couple paragraphs, the mainstream media puts the corporate line at the top and shoves below the fold the copious evidence that Hyperion doesn't have a realistic chance of building its proposed Elk Point refinery.

But even below the fold, it's nice that the paid South Dakota press is catching up with what the South Dakota blogosphere has been pointing out for over a year: market fundamentals say Hyperion won't happen.

Update 2010.01.05 10:06 CST:
Cranky old Doug Maurstad picks up the theme with a good rundown of all the factors standing between Hyperion and a chance in heck of making their plans reality.

1 comment:

  1. Steve Sibson1/04/2010 4:42 PM

    " mainstream media puts the corporate line at the top"

    Cory, when you push the Cap and Trade, you are pushing the corporate line for General Electric and Goldman Sachs, among others. And you are doing so because you still believe in the Climategate lies regarding man-made global warming. Get with the truth.

    The Democrat versus Republican feud is about fighting for money for which set of corporations. Such is the environment created by the Progressive agenda that ties economics with the government...corporate socialism. Time to end the corruption.


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