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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wasson Out: Curd v. Nelson Promises Nothing New

Bob Ellis says that Thad Wasson says he's out of the running for the GOP nomination for South Dakota's lone Congressional seat. That's too bad. I didn't plan to vote for him, but Wasson at least showed a refreshing honesty and willingness to think outside the parameters of politics as usual. he had the potential to be the blue-collar straw that woul stir the drink at the debates and show people you don't have to be a rich Republican who toes the party line to get involved in South Dakota politics.

Alas, Wasson got little but condescension and outright scorn from fellow Republicans. And now we're left with careful and competent Chris Nelson versus phony rich guy Dr. R. Blake Curd to fight to see who sounds more like Ronald Reagan or Patrick Henry. We'll get more of the same hoary and insincere platitudes about smaller government. With Wasson, I at least had the sense I was hearing a citizen really trying to frame his values and come up with good solutions, not just craft talking points that would press the buttons of the most voters. It's a shame Wasson doesn't have the money to make a hard run and prove that authenticity doesn't have to be a liability in politics.


  1. Like I said somewhere else, I respect Thad's decision. Would have loved it if he had stayed in because the more the merrier.

    Cory, I'm truly totally undecided between Chris and Blake. I know them both as solid people, like them both alot, and think they will be good in Congress.

    Have you ever met Blake? I'm sure you disagree with him but I can't see how you can call him phony. Like all of us, he has faults but that isn't one of them.

  2. "Phony" is a reference to efforts of the state GOP and your co-blogger Mr. Powers to make the price of the candidate's house a campaign issue. As I note in the link above, if Heidepriem is "phony" on that account, then Curd is 2.2 times as "phony."

    I also found Curd's answers in last week's Blogmore live chat less than authentic in upholding the supposed values of the Tea Parties at which he has appeared.

  3. Steve Sibson1/07/2010 11:34 AM

    Phony is a big-governemnt Progressive blogger who thinks can establish standards for limited-government candidates.

    Phony is a hater of Tea Parties leaving a meeting early and then saying he understand their values.

    Phony are those professors who say that increasing taxes is good for business.

  4. "Phony" is also applicable to a claim one who is a doctor "fought" for their country. No, they didn't "fight" - they provided medical services from rear area hospitals and aide stations. Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Honeycutt saw more action and fought more than did an air force doctor.
    John Kelley


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