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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kristi Noem = South Dakota's Sarah Palin?

...and then Kristi Noem goes and wrecks my electoral calculus... not to mention Pastor Steve Hickey's big news day.

Will Kristi Noem be South Dakota's Sarah Palin? So far her "vision" sounds more platitude than plan. Stay tuned....

Update... or downdate? Mr. Ehrisman toyed with the Noem-Palin comparison last year; some anonymous commenter also brought up the comparison during some idle speculation about what Noem might run for next.


  1. Corey - the good news for you is than when there is a Republican in that Congressional seat after November - you will have more opportunities to complain on your blog :) Hard to say which one it will be, but with the incumbent below 50% favorables and in hiding - fairly safe bet it won't be her. Watch and enjoy buddy.
    --Lee Schoenbeck

  2. I do love good material, Lee. I'm eager to see what material Noem will provide during the campaign.

  3. The more the leftists compare Kristi Noem to Sarah Palin, the more power and credibility both women will acquire.

  4. I'm not convinced of that, Stan. Over on Dakota War College, where there seemed to be more discussion of the comparison among the conservarazzi than there has been in the last couple days among us libs, I heard the comparison splitting, with the conservatives inclined to say Noem's got more going for her.

    If Noem can step out and demonstrate a grasp of the issues, she gains power and credibility. If she comes out stammering and shower-singing like Palin, she loses power and credibility.


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