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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New SDPB Political Junkie: Jon Hunter!

I just heard on the radio that SDPB has tapped Madison Daily Leader publisher Jon Hunter as its newest political junkie! Hunter will join Kevin Woster on today's Dakota Midday to talk politics.

Jon Hunter may be an improvement over Dave Kranz, who seemed to have trouble getting to the weekly interviews on time. And maybe Hunter's prep work for his SDPB appearances explains the recent paucity in his editorials here at home. After a little surge in editorial activity last year, Hunter has been getting lazy, ceding his commentary space all too often to columns clipped from other newspapers.

SDPB appears to be building a rotating corps of junkies: last week they brought in Jonathan Ellis from that Sioux Falls paper. If Hunter's commentary on air is as bland as most of his commentary here at home, expect SDPB to rotate him quickly right back out.

But hey! Maybe our man Hunter will surprise us. Give a listen this noon on SDPB (88.3 FM from Brookings; 89.7 FM from Vermillion).

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