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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogger Joins Political Fray: Maurstad for Union County Commission

We have our first notable blogger sighting on a 2010 South Dakota ballot. Doug Maurstad, known online as "Old Cranky," has filed his petitions to run for the Union County Commission. The Alcester Republican tells the Sioux City Journal the current commission is "not open and accessible."

Maurstad has also been a vocal opponent of the proposed Hyperion refinery. He says if, if, IF the refinery is built, he wants to impose some real oversight and control. "Our best interests are not part of [Hyperion's] concerns," Maurstad tells SCJ.

Maurstad has been blogging since May 2008 about the shenanigans between Hyperion and the Union County Commission. He has not hesitated to call Hyperion "sneaky bastards" or to celebrate a small victory for the little guy when the Clay Rural Water unanimously rejected Hyperion's request to hook up to their system.

But watch out, Doug: since the Supreme Court ruled in January that corporations can spend direectly on political campaigns, will we see Hyperion buying fancy billboards and airtime for primary opponent and incumbent Republican Milton Ustad from Beresford?

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