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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brownbaggers Protest for Health Reform Wed. at SHS Sioux Falls Office

My cousin Aaron celebrated some teabaggers standing outside Rep. Herseth Sandlin's Sioux Falls office shouting some silly slogans in the rain a couple weekends ago.

Teabaggers, meet Brownbaggers. I get word from organizer Michael Feikema that supporters of health insurnace reform will be holding a vigil outside SHS's office at 326 East 8th Street in Sioux Falls tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon. The action is part of a nationwide "Healthcare not Warfare" campaign, motivated in part by this thought from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death [MLK, 1967.04.04].

Where the teabaggers think expanding access to health care is the greatest threat to our liberty, the Brownbaggers see more cause for alarm in our fiscal focus on death and violence.

Yeah, but we all know economic and social justice are just code words for some awful anti-American plot, right?


  1. Here' Rep. Kucinich talking with Amy Goodman about Single-Payer: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/3/11/rep_dennis_kucinich_takes_on_democratic

    NPR mentioned he was flying round with the President, too.

    Dems on the Left: democracynow.org if you're not angry enough.

  2. This "brownbagger" nonsense will probably turn out about as well as the astroturf "Coffee Party" swill.

    It's a pity you value ignoring the U.S. Constitution so you can use government force to rob your fellow Americans, over defending our nation against our enemies.

    But at least we're quite safe from overstepping Martin Luther King Jr's wisdom: we spend 20% or less of our budget on national defense, while unconstitutional socialist wealth redistribution is 50% or more of our budget.

    If we care about our country and our Constitution, we need to place greater emphasis both on national defense and abiding by the constitution which protects our freedom from runaway government.

  3. Even one of the primary purposes of government should have limitations on spending. I don't believe we need to be spending half of the money we do on National Defense -- not if the reason for the military is to protect us, NOT to "spread democracy"

    p.s. Amy Goodman is an utter crackpot who defends Hugo Chavez and Manuel Zelaya as legitimate leaders and listens to roaming Gnome Chomsky with baited breath. Even the far left should avoid her. (it would be like me suggesting Michael Savage as a good source for conservative thought)

  4. Michael Savage is a commercially-driven xenocidal sociopath suffering from paranoid delusions.

    Amy is a prize-winning journalist whose work propels the Far Left to resist the corporate earth-scorching being perpetrated by 21st century robber barons, like Monsanto, Syngenta, and ConAgra at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    The ways these oligarchs create jobs is to devastate places like Lead, South Dakota and Libby, Montana, and leave ruin in their wake for generations of cancer survivors.

    If you live in the US, the blood of indigenous people and slaves is on your hands and in your water.

  5. You don't have to be a member of the far left to resist Monsanto ad nauseum. I am a conservative who thinks the way they are allowed to behave (by members of both parties) is flat out unconstituional.

  6. Larry - GM foods taste better, so does the freedom of Americans, like the descendants of the slaves we freed, payed for with the blood of patriots.

    I still love the episode of Democracy Now! with Lanny Davis. Amy Goodman has her head handed to her. She isn't a journalist any more than Glenn Beck.

  7. I'M more of a journalist that some of those yahoo's like Beck and Goodman! And that's not a compliment to either!

  8. Looks like a sunny day for the Brownbagger protest! It would be great if either Glenn Beck or Amy Goodman would come cover the event in Sioux Falls.

    But let's be clear: there is no equation between Glenn Beck and Amy Goodman. Read Goodman's bio: Harvard grad, real investigative journalism work that has gotten her beaten and arrested. Glenn Beck is an entertainer. He took one class at Yale (in theology—he must not have paid attention).

    Matt, I'll accept your contention that you are more of a journalist than Beck. Your claim to be a superior journalist to Goodman is presumptuous.

  9. I don't consider myself superior... in fact, I like to think I'm in the "Toy Department", as many of my sport announcer bretheren call ourselves...

    So if I'm in the Toy Department, what does that make these two?


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