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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boom Potpourri: FCC Web; False Economic; Pierre Sausage...

Too many tabs on my browser! Let's clear the cache!
  1. The FCC is getting ready to announce my next job: digital literacy corps! (That, and a revolution in America's communication network.)
  2. Sham recovery? Robert Reich says current GDP growth is a mirage, with the benefits going almost entirely to the fattest cats, leaving us mice still scrambling.
  3. Pierre makes the best sausage: The South Dakota Legislature put three dozen bills through the hoghouse this session. One such switch: SB 172 started as a proposal to exempt native and established grasslands from agricultural tax assessment. Senators Jerstad and Merchant morphed it into an amendment of the definition of emission reduction activities that coal-fired plants can exempt from their property tax. From grass to gas....

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  1. After your done with Madison, you can come here. If everyone had a computer in our neighborhood, that would save us a whole bunch of money from not having to produce a newsletter.


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