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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dems, Cowboy Up! Americans Want Health Reform (and Will Vote for You!)

My comrades at the AFL-CIO want you to know a few things before Congress heads for its final votes on health insurance reform (Stephanie, pay attention!):
  • The Economist (what bias? they're Brits!) ran a survey two weeks ago that found 53% of Americans support President Obama's health insurance reform ideas.
  • Same survey: 51% think health insurance reform will maintain or improve health care.
  • Only 24% think the American health system "works pretty well and requires only minor changes." 39% say our health care system "needs fundamental changes"; 29% say it "needs to be completely rebuilt." Not exactly a vote of confidence for the status quo Senator Thune and Rep. Herseth Sandlin have voted for.
  • Whom do people trust most to reform health care? President Obama gets the most favorable ratings, followed by Democrats in Congress, then Republicans in Congress. Insurance companies get the lowest trust to promote reform.

  • An Ipsos/McClatchy poll from Feb 26–28 found that 37% of those opposing the pending health care reform proposals are in the Dennis Kucinich camp: they think current proposals don't go far enough. (10% aren't sure why they oppose it. Arrgghh!)
  • Same survey: 57% say Congressional Republicans are deliberately avoiding compromise rather than working to find a solution. (Independents agree, breaking on this question 51% to 30%.)
And for those of you just watching the horse race, both of the above surveys find more people intend to vote for Dems in November or lean that direction than are planning/lurching Republicanward.

Democrats! What part of Seize the moment! don't you understand?

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