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Monday, March 8, 2010

Court Orders Veblen East CAFO Taken over by Financier

Richard Millner has been up to his eyeballs in trouble with his Veblen East mega-dairy. His giant CAFO was supposed to be part of a bold vision of dairy consolidation and rural economic development. Now Millner appears to have lost control of an operation choked with manure and with debt. Farm Forum reports that Veblen East "has been placed into court-ordered receivership." Not that I'd want to be the guy taking the reins from EPA-certified polluter Millner:

The receiver’s primary areas of focus are to maintain production, seek resolutions to environmental issues and establish financial arrangements with vendors [no author cited, "Veblen: Team to Evaluate Dairy," Farm Forum, 2010.03.05].

Let's hope the receivership process can bring about business and environmental changes that will help Veblen and all the folks downstream.

1 comment:

  1. Amen - appreciate you keeping on this Corey. Veblen is at the head waters of the Little Minnesota and pollution from there affects Big Stone Lake and beyond.

    Bad actors that can get away with it, send the wrong economic message to the operators that want to do it right.

    Lee Schoenbeck


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