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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dems Awakening: Lake Co. Auditor Primary, Challenger for Russ?

Nuts to long campaigns! Kevin Weiland's last-week petition push seems to be motivating some local Dems as well. I've heard (heck, I'm signing petitions for) a couple Dems yet this week. One may challenge Roberta Janke for the Democratic nomination for Lake County Auditor (a primary... for auditor!). Another may squeak in under today's 5 p.m. registered mail deadline to challenge Republican Russell Olson for the District 8 Senate seat. (Russ filed yesterday.)

We Dems may have all sorts of fun choices on the ballot come June 8. Locally, though, the GOP seems to be lagging, with only one candidate, Patricia Stricherz, planning to campaign for District 8 House and no other local GOP primary challengers in sight. But the day is yet young. Stay tuned!

Update 17:05 CDT: Green light for Nicole Schlueter for Lake County auditor! Nicole e-mails me and says she got the signatures and is in the race for real. Let's rumble—oh, wait, this is county auditor. Let's have a civil neighborly conversation about bookkeeping, tax levies, running elections, and posting the County Commission minutes and ordinances online! (as searchable text, not PDFs, please!)

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