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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

President Barack Hussein Obama Celebrates Seder

57% of my Republican fellow citizens believe President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

Yeah, those Muslims are known for celebrating Passover Seder:

When Passover begins at sunset on Monday evening, Mr. Obama and about 20 others will gather for a ritual that neither the rabbinic sages nor the founding fathers would recognize.

In the Old Family Dining Room, under sparkling chandeliers and portraits of former first ladies, the mostly Jewish and African-American guests will recite prayers and retell the biblical story of slavery and liberation, ending with the traditional declaration “Next year in Jerusalem.” (Never mind the current chill in the administration’s relationship with Israel.) [Jodi Kantor, "Next Year in the White House: A Seder Tradition," New York Times, 2010.03.26

I leave the nutty conspiracy theorizing to you, gentle readers.

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