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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dylan Nelson Receives Posthumous Award for Saving Lives

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation has recognized Madison's Dylan Nelson with one of three 2010 Citizen Service Above Self Awards. From the award nomination:

Dylan Nelson of Madison, South Dakota has been recognized for sacrificing his own life while saving two others in Lake Madison on August 8, 2009. Nelson was swimming with his younger brother and cousin along a sandbar when a strong current pulled them under. After Nelson swam out of the strong current, he saw that this brother and cousin were still trapped. Nelson entered the current, saved his cousin, and brought him closer to shore where a man with a Jet Ski took the cousin to shore. Nelson then returned to rescue his brother, again taking him to the man with the Jet Ski. After that, Dylan went underwater and drowned. Dylan Nelson’s act of extraordinary selflessness and bravery continues to be an inspiration and a credit to the state of South Dakota and to his fellow Americans.

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  1. I love and miss you son and will for ever.


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