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Monday, March 22, 2010

SHS Can't Win for Trying: Now Blamed for Other Blue Dogs' Votes

Memo to Herseth Sandlin: triangulation still isn't going to win you Republican votes. You tried in November, and Chris Nelson hammered you for not blocking health care reform on the procedural votes. Now you cast no votes on the bill and the procedurals, and you still catch Republican heck. Dr. R. Blake Curd moans and groans that you didn't show enough leadership in lobbying your fellow Blue Dogs to stop the bill:

While our own Representative voted against the measure, 30 other members of the so-called Blue Dog Coalition voted for the bill. If Rep. Herseth Sandlin had used her position in the Blue Dog Coalition to convince 4 other members to vote “no” the bill would have died. South Dakota only has one seat in the House and therefore we need a leader who will stake out their position and convince others it’s the right course of action [R. Blake Curd, official campaign propaganda, regurgitated at DWC, 2010.03.21].

If they can't hold you accountable for your vote, they'll hold you accountable for everyone else's vote. Remind me to comb the Legislative records and use this trick on Curd and Kristi Noem.

No matter what you do, Stephanie, the right wing is going to paint you as a leftist. You might as well have the fun of being a leftist! Get back on that Dem horse, ride hard, and ride left!


  1. Those 30 Blue Dogs, or Pastel Puppies as I'd prefer to call them, probably cut deals for their districts or states that Stephanie did not cut. She's under a lot of pressure from her party, she's up for re-election and I admire her for gutting it out. More leadership in her group would have been nice to see, but in a deal-making back-room partisan healthcare bill, it didn't surprise me that 30 would change hue.

  2. Maybe someone ought to tell R. Blake Curd that, Rod!


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