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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LAIC Sweeps Businesses Off Their Feet?

Our economic development quote of the week comes from Dwaine Chapel, executive director of Madison's Lake Area Improvement Corporation:

“Madison has worked diligently to position itself as a place to open a new or expand an existing business.... We have created a loan fund at the LAIC, and created an atmosphere that helps small businesses get off of their feet”

—Dwaine Chapel, quoted by Alan Van Ormer, "Businesses Finding Madison Good Place to Be," MadisonWorks.com, Feb. 2010

Now sure, visitors are often swept off their feet when they come to Madison to Discover the Unexpected™. But a business friend of mine scratches her head and observes, "I thought businesses wanted to be on their feet."

1 comment:

  1. The article mentions several small businesses, and that is great. But what about all the larger employers who have fled Madison in the past few years? Why can't they bring in a business such as that which would employ many people instead of their looking out of town for work? Why did all the other companies leave?


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