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Monday, March 29, 2010

Lake Herman 60 Degrees, 70% Ice-Free

...and I go for a bike ride....

Whoo-hoo! Lake Herman is open... mostly! 60° Fahrenheit, big bright sun, and 20–30-mile-per-hour south wind have pounded the local ice cap apart (click pix to embiggen!):

The view from the porch: lake wide open toward the north! The white on the far shore is the ice heaved up by the wind onto the rocks.

Looking east toward the state park, we see some ice still hung up along our shore in "Cottonwood Cove."
South side of the lake still socked in. Tomorrow's seventies and more south wind ought to fix that.

Of course, what's a beautiful day like today without a bike ride! I stopped by Lake Herman Auto, where my neighbor Dan Uthe has had a 2008 Smart fortwo on display this month. dan didn't pay me to stop by to do an ad; I just wanted to compare the Smart to my favored mode of transportation:

The Smart is a little longer than my Burley, although if I were riding in long-wheelbase mode, it would be close. It cost me $900 to get my Burley six summers ago; Dan's asking $13,998 for the Smart. On dollars per inch, I think I got the better deal.

But if my bike had a car rack, I'd have bungeed that Smart to the back of my bike and brought it home.


  1. You haven't lived until you have seen a guy try to stuff a new big TV in its box into the back of this little Smart car!

  2. I would (oof!) relish the (bang! dangit!) challenge. That passenger seat looks superfluous... ;-)

  3. Yes, great car, really well designed, actually safer than most bigger cars out there. There's also a yellow smart car at Cars for Les too! Is Madison becoming more eco-minded, and more hip too?


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