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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madville Times Readers Eager for Weiland-Herseth Sandlin Primary

The latest Madville Times poll asked, "Do you want to see Kevin Weiland on the ballot for U.S. House?"

In the biggest response I can recall to one of my polls, you said yes in a big way:
  • Yes: Send him to DC: 131 (60%)
  • Yes, he'll make SHS stronger: 12 (6%)
  • Yes: he'll help the GOP win! 34 (16%)
  • No: we want Stephanie! 41 (19%)
Over 80% of you want Weiland to make the ballot and trigger a primary. Less than 20% of the readers of this blog, one of the few sources of daily Democratic cheer in South Dakota, want Weiland not to carry out his challenge of our incumbent Democratic Congresswoman.

As always, you should take blog polls with a grain of salt (or a big dang cowlick). It is possible that this poll found all 131 Wellstone Democrats in South Democrats, and that the other 194,657 Dems will show up on June 8 to say, "We love Blue Dogs!"

But the count that matters will take place under Secretary Nelson's watchful eye in Pierre today and tomorrow. And I can guarantee he'll see more than 131 signatures from folks agreeing with the majority in my little poll.


  1. Cory:

    This guy running as an Independent scares the crap out of me. Democrat? Sure; that would give SHS even better blue-dog cred with fence-sitters.

    Pandering to Democrats with some well-meaning voting protest in a general election is just plain assinine.

    Todd E. and Bob N. both mused on the prospect of NOT having SDPB (as conservative as it is), having it gutted by South Dakota's capricious, hypocritheocratical Republican legislature or, Allah forbid, replace it with Rush and/or Glenn.

    Tampering with Rep. Herseth-Sandlin's position with some quixotic monkey-wrenching could result in a breach in the wrong dam.

    Is that what you want, Bill?

  2. Larry, huh? Kevin is running as a Democrat in the Democratic primary, and intends to win. Not sure what you're trying to say here or if the "Bill" you reference is me. Can you clarify?

  3. Sorry Bill, thought he running as an Inde, my error.

  4. No problem, Larry. Kevin's the right candidate. Blue Dogs are poisoning the well in the national caucuses. If you want a Republican for House, vote for one.

    But lets stop pretending that Leiberman, Ben Nelson, Steph, etc are Dems. They're not. They should change parties and caucus with people who share their ideology.

  5. Gee Bill,

    Painting her with the Lieberman brush is pretty harsh.

    SHS votes Blue Dog because she knows South Dakota doesn't generally share our enthusiasm for more progressive tendencies.

    I like what she's doing on forest and habitat policy. Is is going fast enough? Hell no; but sending the message to the party of Janklow that Dems are anything other than monolithic is dangerous, imho.

  6. Do you like her vote against cap & trade, Larry?

  7. Larry, I appreciate SHS's work on certain issues and recognize it's better than we'd get from anyone on the other side. Still, where you see a monolith, I see trembling timidity. Instead of taking a defensive posture that forever subordinates us to the conservative-centrist majority (?), I'd rather we take a leadership role, make the case that more liberal policies/values are good for South Dakota, and give those with stronger left views a place to hang their hat. We don't have to apologize for being Democrats. We don't have to hush up the libs and say, "See? No one here but us centrists!"

  8. Running the risk of sounding like her apologist, I am arguing that her stands on both cap/trade and her reconciliation vote not only were the overwhelming wishes of her electorate; but, were courageous stands for more corporate accountablity and for a more compassionate public care approach to health care than either of the successful legislation provided.

  9. Btw, the Montana Dems are rummaging for the records of the correspondence to Montana's Denny Rehberg's (R) office to ascertain whether he voted the way his own contituents wanted him to.

    It's important to remember that any vote on reconciliation sucks. Just ask Dennis Kucinich.

  10. I wish she was more liberal, but she may be as good as we're going to get. I just don't think anyone else would stand a chance of winning.

    That and I can't hate on a fellow Groton High School graduate.

  11. Rapid City Doc Gets Dose of Oxygen After Second Opinion.


    Work for you, Bill?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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