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Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, Sunshine... What's that Sound?

And now for the Madville Times weather report:

Meteorologists call March 1 the first day of spring. How about you?


  1. At this latitude, and in these hills, methinks:

    Spring = April and May
    Summer = June, July, and August
    Fall = September and October
    Winter = November through March

  2. Yesterday, we saw the first Robins, blue jays, and perhaps a finch in the backyard cedar tree. Powerline at farm had a few dozen black birds sitting on it today.

    That video is almost scary...looked a lot like Steve Sibson...I can say that after I sawed off the winter hair and fuzz since my wife decided I had started to look really scary.

    But, the sun is rising above the horizon and cooking down on the snow. Maybe we will see green grass again one of these days.

    But, I was reminded today of the storm that hit here on the day of the Oklahoma office bombing. Something between 50 and 70 inches of snow in two or three days.

  3. I've gone the aerodynamic route... shaved face, shaved head and now (thanks to emergency gallbladder surgery Friday morning) a shaved belly! LOL

  4. You're looking like a true radical these days, Cory. I like it!

    I hear we'll be getting some rain this weekend and temperatures in the 40s. Time to shuck some layers...


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