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Monday, March 1, 2010

DSU Gives Big Plaques to Janklow, Prostollo

Front-pager on tonight's Madison Daily Leader: the reason we shall not speak ill of the greatest governor since Peter Norbeck (says my friend Nicole), William John Janklow:

Former Governor Bill Janklow and Madison car dealer Jerry Prostrollo hug as they are inducted into the new DSU Hall of Fame -- photo from Madison Daily Leader 2010.03.01
We're such a forgiving people. Good for us.

Minor media critique: did Jon Hunter really think it was a good idea to refer to the new inductees as people who blaze trails?


  1. I guess someone at DSU does think Bill Janklow is a role model.

    Will this affect contributions? A school that honors someone convicted of manslaughter?

    It's a struggle to comprehend.

  2. Interesting observation, John. I wonder if that concern had anything to do with choosing this particular photo to head the press on this award.

  3. I think you secretly admire Bill's oratory skills. :D

  4. [Actually, Michael, I recall watching the debates in 2002 and thinking SHS was the orator, all practiced, polished, and controlled, while Janklow was the much better extemper, rattling off facts and figures and zingers off the top of his head. And it's no secret that I admire that skill.]


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