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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Newquist Explains Tea Bag Fascism; Ellis Obliges with Examples

I love it when bloggers work together to make the same point.

David Newquist doesn't blog as obsessively as some of us—obviously a sign of a well-balanced life. When Newquist does blog, it's worth the read. His latest essay addresses the health insurance reform deabte and the strains of fascism in the right-wing tactics. Newquist highlights the apparent hatred opponents of reform have for those who have the gall to get sick before getting rich. He notes the parallels between the beer-hall putschists who graduated to genocide and today's Tea Bag shouters:

  • Some people on the right feel that any criticism of the U.S. or any mention of its failings and mistakes is unpatriotic and anti-American.
  • ...Liberalism is branded as the great culprit behind all of America's problems....
  • The de rigueur mode of Republican rhetoric is never to do a fact-based point-by-point analysis of anything you oppose. Rather always, Always, ALWAYs concoct an accusation of intellectual or moral defect or depravity against some person or group. This tactic does not require any knowledge or honesty, but works up a good case of hatred for any ultimate solutions for the vanquishing of the left wing. As the propaganda analysts of the Holocaust have pointed out, the foundations of gas ovens are always built with defamatory words [emphasis mine; David Newquist, "What Happens If Health Care Reform Fails?," Northern Valley Beacon, 2010.03.20].

A perfect example of what Dr. Newquist means:

And while I understand that you desperately want people to be misled about this very real fight for freedom against tyranny, that is exactly what this is about.

You and your Marxist, America-loathing parasites will lose when this is done. Some of you obviously are, but most of the American people aren't ready to be socialist Euro-sheep yet. They realize the legacy of freedom we have, and we will all fight to preserve it [Bob Ellis, comment, Madville Times, 2010.03.21].

For the radical right wing, it's not about policy. It's not about making a better America for everyone. It's about playing war against me, and my wife, and David Newquist, and other decent people... "Marxist America-loathing parasites" all.

Keep screaming your "oaths," Mr. Ellis. You remind us daily of the real dangers to democracy.

Democracy (from Wikipedia): "The word "democracy" (Greek: δημοκρατια) combines the elements demos (δημος, which means "people") and kratos (κρατος, which means "force" or "power")." Demos, the people. Not just the people certain ideologues think deserve to live here. Not just the people who pass certain political or religious or sexual litmus tests. The People, all of us.


  1. "Dakota?"

    If anyone was on the fence before having read your comment, they are commies now.

  2. As with the Nazi of the 1930s, Dakota sees any exercise of the
    First Amendment other than from his/her political bias as anti-American and merely whining and belly-aching.

    But I ask, who in the hell is Dakota, given your policy:

    "I delete all anonymous and pseudonymous comments. Leave your full name: we speak as fellow citizens willing to be held accountable for our words. I include the "Anonymous" button below as a courtesy to commenters who prefer to include their name in comment text instead of monkeying around with creating a Google account. Be honest, be real. Read more details on comment moderation."

    It is edifying to know who is the author of such hate-filled and degraded propaganda.

  3. If this snake-oil does get passed into law, it is never coming of the books. What was the last law repealed by congress?

    More government, more laws, more money kept by the feds.

    Numbness to independence is the victor.

  4. Patriotic Americans aren't interested in your unconstitutional socialist "solutions" or any other "final solutions" socialists seem to always have in mind for some people.

    What you fascists like to inversely call "facism" is what average Americans recognize as defending our freedom, our Constitution, and the great and noble principles that made our nation the best on earth. It really is sad that you are not only alienated from truth and sanity, but from your very own country that provides the many blessings you enjoy--with no thanks whatsoever for those blessings, I might add; only whining and bellyaching about what a terrible place America has been.

    Neither you nor Newquist would recognize real facism because you're desensitized to its face; you see it every morning when you shave.

    You really stretch beyond the bounds of creduilty when you try to make the claim--in defiance of multiple examples throughout history and around the world--that socialist "solutions" resemble anything like good "policy" or "make America better" (for who? Leeches, parasites, and the "pigs" of George Orwell's "Animal Farm"?)

    Oh, and there is one final fallacy of yours I should point out. America is not a democracy. We are a republic, a constitutional republic.

    And unlike you and your anti-American ilk, real Americans who love our country mean to preserve that constitution and our republic, no matter how far you go to rip them both to shreds.

    And we will.

  5. The instant I see any of the following words or names (or their variants) in a blog post or comment, used with the intent of comparison to current political parties or figures, I instantly stop taking said post or comment seriously:


    Them words is sooooo old.

    Cory, if I ever commit such a blunder in one of my comments, call me on it, and link right back here! (I prefer my eggs scrambled, just in case ...)

  6. Stan, I agree with you 98% on this issue. Most of the cries of "Marxist!" or "Fascist!" that we hear in current discourse are uninformed hyperbole. But there are intelligent things to be said about Hitler, Stalin, and historical parallels thereto. And I think Dr. Newquist is on to something in identifying similarities in the rhetorical tactics of today's hard right with the tactics of Mussolini and Hitler.

    I'll keep your link handy, Stan, but somehow I suspect if you use any of those terms, you'll actually be making a thoughtful, valid point.

  7. You and Newquist are onto trying to deceive people as to exactly what it is that you are promoting: Marxism.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that these are the doctrines you lust after, and no doubt whatsoever that you loathe the founding principles of the great nation that squanders its blessings of liberty on you.

  8. Bob, I guarantee: if I'm trying to promote something, I will not deceive you about it. If I want Marxism, I'll say up front, "Let's have Marxism!" If I want socialized medicine (and I do want socialized medicine, not the pale holding action pased last night), I'll say (and I have!) "Let's have socialized medicine!" I don't do deception.


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