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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Obama Splits SD Independents; SHS, Back the Prez!

That's curious: Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling reports that South Dakota is one of five states where President Obama gets positive approval numbers from Independents. The President's margin among South Dakota's independents is slim, just 45–44. But considering Obama lost South Dakota to McCain 45–53 and that there's been a lot more South Dakota activism in the past year declaring Obama a Marxist foreign usurper than anything else, his holding any positive margin with our Independents seems noteworthy.

That margin also suggests that if Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is trying to appeal to the middle to keep her seat this fall, she might do just as well to get on board with the President's agenda on big issues like health insurance reform. Who knows? Voting like a Democrat on the big issues might even reinvigorate a disenchanted base and get Dems out knocking on doors and raising cash for her.


  1. Not sure about your conclusion here, Cory. I note that New Mexico, a traditionally liberal state, exhibits a low Obama approval rating. Texas is downright radical conservative in the Obama department.

    I suspect that the New Mexico rating has a lot to do with the proximity of that state to Mexico, and the problems they have with illegal immigrants.

    Texas is like a whole 'nother country, God bless 'em! I won't try to figure that place out, but I've thought about moving there more than once.

    South Dakota's surprising rating might have something to do with the Native American population here. Even so, I confess surprise at the numbers.

  2. I'll stick with the SHS conclusion, Stan. Sure, if she were running in Texas, she'd want to continue her Blue Doggery. But she's playing to the home crowd. The GOP will unite behind their nominee to kick her out. The Dems will get fired up again if she'll start acting like a Dem. And the Independents for now are split. That middle might be just as impressed with her showing some fire and making the case for Democratic positions as they might be by her opposing the President (although opposing the President is for people in the other party).


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