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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Total Destruction of Our Constitutional Republic" -- Really?

Congressman Devin Nunes told Fox News last night that the passage of health care reform would be "the total destruction of our Constitutional republic." The California Republican also said the country is being run by crazy 1960's leftists from Hollywood and San Francisco.

I'll be watching for evidence of that "total destruction" today. If you see any Hollywood liberals tearing down Grecian columns, San Franciscans urinating on courthouses, beret-wearing brownshirts storming the Madison Daily Leader office, or any other signs of the total destruction of the Constitutional republic, post them here. I'll broadcast until the leftists come for me. (And they'll come for me and Heidepriem: we're only recent converts to the Democratic party, and our ideological purity is in question.)

In the mean time, enjoy the epic Tea Bag fail.


  1. He's absolutely right. The majority in congress has shown its contempt and disregard for the United States Constitution that surpasses all other snubs in the last 70 years. These usurpers have sent the unmistakable message to America: the Constitution is irrelevant if it stands in our way.

    Yes, the Tea Party has lost a battle...but we are far from out. We held off this monstrosity for nearly a year, which isn't bad considering we only formed a year ago, and we hold not one string of real power.

    General Washington was on the run all the time in the early days of the American Revolution. He did little but lose, lose, lose. Yet he and his troops held on. They stayed in the fight through bitter times and disappointments. And in the end, they won our freedom.

    In honor of those great men who came before us, the Tea Party will strive to do no less.

    We mean to have our freedom back and our Constitution restored to honor and obedience, and we will eventually remove from power these socialist usurpers along with their anti-American schemes.

    We will be free.

  2. I ask for facts; Bob pretends to be Ponyboy in Red Dawn. Wolverines!

  3. With all the impending disasters, the health care bill is certainly oil on the fire. I doubt unemployment will go under 8% for years now. If the commercial real estate meltdown is as bad as some think we could be moving towards another economic collapse by the end of 2012. Within 10 years we will have Social Security draining away large portions of the General funds. Medicare will likely be insolvent as well. And the credit rating for the country will have been downgraded. All this doesn't mean the republic will have failed (although i question how much we even look like one anymore) but I would not be surprised to look like Greece currently does. And I'm personally already approaching the point where I would support secession.

  4. The funny thing is this legislation is not radical at all, just so long overdue it looks like a big step (especially after Republicans veered so far right). David From is saying the most radical voices in the Republican party led to abject and irreversible defeat. Hopefully they shift left toward center and the Teabaggers direct their anger at the greedy suckers who screwed up our economy (and move beyond this very moderate bill). Democrats next step better be finance reform and jobs and they might just pull things around.

  5. Uhh, Bob:

    Aaron Burr saw George Washington as an incompetent commander who needlessly sacrificed too many men under his command and who prolonged a war that could have been won more quickly under a more effective leader.

    The TEA-strainers are impediments to their own agenda owed in large part to incomprehensible messages from people just like you.

    Just listening to Ron Paul distancing himself from your rampant Luddism reminds me that leaders trained in the Liberal Arts see the whole world and not just the parts you see through the gunsights.

  6. gunsights... nicely turned phrase, Larry!

    John, good nod to Frum. I think Frum's best turned phrase was from Senator Jim DeMint: "Waterloo." :-D

    And Roger, have fun with that secession. Let us know how it works out.

  7. Larry, thanks for affirming that your loathing for national defense, Second Amendment rights, our national heritage and the founders of our great nation hasn't abated one bit.

    History has judged Burr accurately as not being in the same league as George Washington...which I'm sure makes him infinitely more palatable to your fondness for mediocrity.

    If Ron Paul is distancing himself from the Tea Party movement, then the Tea Party movement is all the better for the distance.

    And you might want to be careful about the charges of Luddism; you need to be standing in the mirror when you hurl them, because it is your Orwellian-named "progressive" sentiments that are the epitome of regression. Liberal bilge hearkens back to the unenlightened days when a few elitists considered themselves uniquely qualified to not only run their own lives but the lives of all others around them.

    Your foolishness is the folly of failed history and discredited ideas. American patriots will not allow you and your ilk to plunge this nation into the darkness that afflicts the Marxist portions of the world you so admire.

  8. Cory: I have no illusions of leading Nebraska into open rebellion, I'm only saying I would support those who do

  9. Roger, you would support those whom the very article you cite says would be violating the law and rejecting the sacred U.S. Constitution? I'm disappointed.

  10. Cory: I couldn't care less about the opinion of the author of the article, as I knew you wouldn't if he had been affirming their right instead of calling them nuts. The point of the article is that fully 20% of the state thinks they should secede. It doesn't matter if they would be violating law. What matters is that 5 million people in the 2nd largest populated state in the country think they ought to get out. How bad do you think it would need to get before that number started to climb? At what percentage would you feel trepidation about the future of the union? Yes it is still fringe, but you are far too comfortable that it will stay that way - no matter what you people do.

  11. Talk, talk, talk, Roger. If you're serious, just get your musket and Stars and Bars and go man the barricades on I-80.

  12. But my point on law and Constitution stands: the last resort argument of health care reform opponents is that this bill somehow violates the Constitution. Yet you are happy to advocate violating the Constitution to achieve your ends. So contradictory.

  13. Cory: Bologna. There was nothing in the article that showed anything to be unconstitutional. All he did was show a quote that said Texas did not have the right to secede. This is similar to signing a waiver that says you will not sue. Neither are worth the paper written on. You cannot sign away rights, for yourself let alone an entire state. If you make a deal with someone who then breaks the terms, you are under no obligation to fulfill your end. The contract, or in this case the constitution, is being broken. Keeping them in the union by force while failing to follow the rules they entered the union under in the first place is the violation. The south was wrong about slavery, but that doesn't mean they were wrong in seceding. If the north had seceded so they could eliminate slavery, then went to war with the south to free the slaves, would you still call it unconstitutional?

  14. Roger, and if pigs had wings they wouldn't need kites. Where in the world do you guys get your arguments? Out of a gin bottle?


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