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Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Government/Bad Rhetoric Week on MDL Editorial Pages

Madison Daily Leader publisher Jon Hunter gets his groove back this week with not one but three editorials. Interestingly, every one of these missives will bring tears to the eyes of the anti-nanny-state free-market fundamentalists who count on hunter to counter the liberal socialist media:
  1. On Monday, Hunter cheers the Governor's veto of fireworks on Christmas Eve. MDL thus agrees with the Madville Times, saddening Republican readers everywhere. Government restricting your right to play with explosives after Christmas Eve vigil—might as well impose martial law, right?
  2. On Tuesday, Hunter boosts the Census... which we all know is just a plot to organize the internment camps for subversive elements.
  3. On Thursday, Hunter stretches his brain and advocates economic sanctions, a gross intrusion of government power on your right to conduct free market activities with whomever you want. How dare big government forbid you from buying Cuban cigars?
Worth noting: Hunter advocates economic sanctions, even though their "terms don't make much sense," even though "we don't know much more" about economic sanctions beyond a one-line definition, even though "it isn't clear whether economic sanctions are effective," and even though "most analysts" believe sanctions against "Middle East enemies" are "too small to matter."

"Nevertheless," concludes Hunter, "we believe sanctions should continue and even expand, adding another tool to help fight terrorism around the world."

The Jon Hunter School of Logic and Rhetoric: make four points against a policy, then advocate more of it. Ah, so he is still a Republican!


  1. So those sanctions against China will begin...when?

  2. There was a great interview with a permaculture treehouse guy on MPRhttp://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2010/03/26/midmorning2/

    Do you know this guy, Cory?

  3. Rev. Billy? He's my guy! He knows how to do Christmas fireworks right.


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