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Friday, April 2, 2010

9-12ers Bring Nelson, Curd, Howie to Madison Tonight

Memo to Nelson campaign: brief out your response to my cousin's imminent question: "So what do you think of full-reserve banking?"

The local Glenn Beck fan club is hosting three political candidates at its Good Friday meeting, one of whom actually stands a chance of winning. The Madison 9-12 Project is hosting a conversation with Secretary of State Chris Nelson, District 12 State Representative R. Blake Curd, and District 30 State Senator Gordon Howie to Madison tonight, 6 p.m., VFW.

Gubernatorial Candidate Gordon Howie will be attendance. He will be talking about his candidacy and the South Dakota Health Care Freedom Act.

U.S. House candidates Chris Nelson and Blake Curd will also be there. I am sure they are eager to shake babies and kiss hands... or something like that... smiley face [Jason Bjorklund, meeting announcement, Madison 9-12 Project calendar].

One clarification: the Health Care Freedom bill is Tea Bag Republican Senator Howie's third attempt to nullify health care reform by declaring federal law invalid in South Dakota. (Next step: abolishing the Civil Rights Act and expropriating Ellsworth AFB, to be renamed Fort Sumter.) 9-12 organizer Jason Bjorklund is organizing a petition drive to put Howie's twice-failed legislation on the November ballot as an initiated law, and Howie and the 9-12ers will be stumping for signers tonight.

I am pleased to see the 9-12ers advancing from raging and flag-waving to canvassing for real civic action. Too bad their first project would cost the state a half million dollars in futile litigation.

But hey, they're also giving out free hot dogs! Come eat, come meet and greet! Tonight, Madison VFW, 6 p.m.


  1. I am sure there will be plenty of Kool-aid served with those hot dogs. Maybe the Lake County brown shirts will have a discussion about solutions to problems. My guess is it will be a lot of complaining and blaming,with the destruction of all progressive thought as the solution, let social darwinism take hold , and all will be right with the world. Some pretty shallow kool-aid , but pretty heavy on the poison as well.

  2. Oh dang. I'm fasting for Good Friday out of respect for Christ's crucifixion.

    So much for these Teabaggers honoring the second most holy day on the Christian calendar. Is this some sort of war on Easter?


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