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Thursday, April 22, 2010

IgniteSD: Next Stop Madison?

My brain's still spinning (quite happily) from the energy and excitement of last night's inaugural IgniteSD event in Brookings. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Kudos to all my fellow speakers!

I'm still sorting out my observations—tougher to do when you're in the soup! For first review, check out journalist Joe O'Sullivan's excellent account at ThePostSD.com. I learned that I gave an "upbeat rant" (nice to see rant used positively!)... and that I have an astronomy-loving "schizophrenic alter ego" majoring in global studies at SDSU. Go figure! :-)

Stay tuned: I'll wax philosophical and rhapsodize metaphorical about South Dakota and creative cultural development later!

In the meantime, the IgniteSD planners are eager to host another IgniteSD event to bring out the passion and genius bubbling up all across our state. Anyone in Madison interested in hosting IgniteSD #2? Check out the How To on Ignite talks, particularly the Location info. Ignite talks a have got to have a bar—right up Madison's alley, right? ;-) Then let's fire one up here in Madison!


  1. Let's make it happen folks, the Madison Area Arts Council and myself as well, we're all on board.

    IgniteSD, here comes Madison!

    Mochavinos would be a great place to make it happen, a cool vibe too!

  2. It was great to finally meet the famed Cory Heidelberger last night. Your speech was really great. I am still on a high from the event as well! I'll make the trip for a Madison Ignite!

  3. Rock on, Heather, and same props to you! Maybe for IngiteSD2, we can both prepare rebuttals to each other's Ignites from last night! ;-)


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