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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IgniteSD Tonight in Brookings!

IgniteSD launches tonight in Brookings! Come hear some of South Dakota's sharpest up-and-comers talk about what lights their fuse. I'll be there, too, giving a talk on (what else?) blogging.

Mr. Dahle offers a good summary of what the event is about: speakers boiling down their great ideas into five minutes of fast enlightenment and fun slides. More thoughtful than Twitter, more compressed than a classroom lecture... it's a challenging format (believe me—I'm practicing right now!), but it promises an action-packed evening for your brain... with real live people!

Plus, it's free (though I'm sure our nice hosts at Cottonwood Bistro won't mind if you buy a snack while you're there). So come to Cottonwood Bistro, Brickwood Plaza in Brookings, tonight, 8:00 to 9:30. Bring questions, not tomatoes. ;-) We'll have coffee, we'll talk.. make it a big whoop!


  1. What a great event--so in line with what a progressive community like Brookings should be producing lots of! Thanks for your 5 minutes, and for spending some time in Brookings tonight!

  2. Talk about progressive, well talk about Third Place Nights in Madison at The BrickHouse, we'll blow Brookings away yet, we've got it going on too! (I kid...)

    I missed Cory tonight, at 3rd Place Nights, maybe next time, come on Cory, we had free cookies and jazz nightly on too! How about Mr Black too? How about the rest of you, come on, poke, poke!

    We do follow igniteSD on Twitter too, I'd love to talk about the council, and White Night, all in 5 minutes, I could totally do that.

    We'll start with the fact that we are awesome, and the coolest council ever, and we have a love for cookies too, and the best part, my favorite mantra, our programming is free & open, so maybe us and igniteSD are twins, or at least share the same vision for community.


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