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Friday, April 2, 2010

Lake County Unemployment Down to 5.8% in February

Dang: I got so excited with political news last week, I missed the jobs numbers from the Department of Labor! The job situation got a little better in Lake County: 60 people jumped back into our labor force, and 70 more people got jobs! Lake County's February unemployment rate thus reached 5.8%, down from 6.0% in January.

If we can continue that number of new jobs each month, we could meet the LAIC's Forward Madison job goals by the end of April, 2011. Keep your fingers crossed!

Unemployment went down two ticks in Brookings County, too; our northeast neighbors remain the septa-county region leader with just 4.0% unemployment (still one of the highest rates of unemployment in Brookings in two decades). Unemployment went down for most of our county neighbors, but jobless numbers stayed steady in moody (7.8%) and climbed in Kingsbury (6.4%).


  1. Clients are telling us that Gehl is ramping up once again, hiring back employees, increasing the hours and working with a strong backlog of sold orders. That boosts a host of local support firms like Lazer Cut, trucking and various machine shops. A local chiropractor said he is having his best months ever in 2010. Our office is seeing a lot of optimism among clients, so hopefully this is our turning point into brighter days.

  2. I caught <a href="http://www.amazingmadison.com/news/view/article/1210/gehl_ramping_up_production'>Dustin Williams on KJAM</a> saying 8-15 new hires. And chiropracty booming? Must be all those folks bent out of shape over socialism.


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