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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Local Matters: Schlueter Edging Gust in Outclick Heat

And now for our second dip of local blog stats:

Which political candidate is getting the most outclicks from the Madville Times? It's not Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, that's for sure. ;-)

Surprisingly, it's Nicole Schlueter, Democratic candidate for the job everyone wants, Lake County Auditor. Close behind is her Republican challenger Shelli Gust.

The other Democratic candidate for auditor, Bobbi Janke, has gotten no outclicks... because she doesn't have a website! I have two words for Bobbi: Blogger. Free. She probably has two words for me: Doors. Knocking.

It actually does my blogging soul good to see that local bent in my readers' clicking habits. It's nice to know the home folks are paying attention.

So scroll down to the list of SD Campaign Webs in the left sidebar, give your favorite candidates some love... and tell 'em who sent you!

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