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Thursday, April 8, 2010

SD Blog Stats: Closer... Closer...

Mr. Sanborn rejects the validity of all polls. Readers, you are welcome to take the same anti-gnostic position on web stats. Still, it's fun to watch the little numbers bounce up and down on Quantcast. Here's a comparison of monthly stats for Madville Times, Dakota War College, and someone's last bastion of resistance to the Bolshevik-Tory-Union forces out in the Black Hills:

Quantcast blog stats for Dakota War College, Madville Times, and Dakota Voice, Oct09 to Apr10Quantcast blog stats: number of people visiting
Dakota War College, Madville Times, and Dakota Voice monthly
October 9, 2009–April 6, 2010(
click to enlarge!)

I'm comin' for ya, Pat! Keep typing! 8-D


  1. Well, though I don't agree with Michael Sanborn much, I'd have to say he's got a point here.

    I'm not sure why Quantcast is missing so many of my hits and visitors, but they are missing a boat-load of them.

    Google Analytics shows me getting anywhere from 2,000-4,000 visitors a day, which is probably in the ballpark.

    Alexa shows DV with a traffic rank of 260,221 compared to your 1,048,215; it shows my US traffic rank at 99,797 to your 428,415; and 506 sites linking in to DV versus only 100 to yours.

    Alexa has been around a long, long time so I tend to put a fair amount of stock into their results, but even theirs I take with a grain of salt.

    Compete shows DV with about 37,000 unique visitors in Jan and 19,000 in Feb, which is probably a little low based on some of my other tracking, but probably reasonably close since I did do minimal posting for most of Feb after my mom had a stroke. Compete doesn't even have a profile for the aptly named Madville.

    Clicky shows DV with 8 visitors today; that definitely isn't right.

    So I'd say Mr. Sanborn has a good point with polls--especially website measures and rankings. There are a whole lot of factors that go into such measurements, and depending on what you look at, numbers are all over the map.

    In the end, I don't worry too much about numbers and rankings. I know that for a long, long time DV was at the top of the BlogNetNews ranking, but I quit looking at that a year or two ago.

    I worry more about whether I'm getting the facts right, whether I'm upholding American values and pointing to the U.S. Constitution as the standard for law in thsi country, and most of all, whether I'm accurately echoing the ultimate Truth and countering the pernicious lies that claim otherwise.

    As long as God is okay with what I publish, I don't care much whether I have a million visitors a day or five.

  2. Hey Bob!

    I'd bet that K-Y Jelly is going to be trouble to get out that keyboard.

    Try some outside excercize.

  3. ...maybe an outside exorcism


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