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Friday, April 23, 2010

More Federal Help for South Dakota: Send It Back, Right, R. Blake?

Back at the beginning of his campaign for U.S. House, Dr. R. Blake Curd said something about how Uncle Sam is an evil dad and South Dakota needs to be more self-sufficient and send that nasty federal money back to Washington. Curd called for ending and reversing the liberty-destroying trend of Congress inserting "the federal government ever deeper into the lives of our citizens under the guise of assistance and compassion."

So here's more assistance and compassion from Uncle Sam that Curd can urge us to reject:
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is sending us $13.4 million "to support community development and produce more affordable housing." Building homeless shelters, helping low-income folks buy their own homes... definitely weakening our spirits, right, R. Blake?
  • HUD kicked in another $145K last month for job training vouchers. Helping low-income folks get off welfare and into jobs... more evil government intereference, right, R. Blake?
  • USDA is sending South Dakota tribes over $700K in stimulus money to help people eat. Expect R. Blake to send that money back and drive out to teach our Lakota neighbors how to fish in the Cheyenne River.
  • USDA also sends money that supports state grants to farmers markets in South Dakota. Boy, R. Blake sure wouldn't want to promote South Dakotans growing and selling their own food to their neighbors.
  • Last week Governor Rounds announced $25 million in Recovery Bonds (yup, that durned Obama stimulus again) to do things like upgrade Miller's electrical grid and build a new school in Harrisburg. Oh, how folks in Miller will suffer from better electrical transmission! How the children in Harrisburg will see their liberty destroyed by learning in a new building! You're totally against that, right, R. Blake?
Don't expect R. Blake to respond to these issues. He'll keep up conservative fakery, lifting his pinky to the Tea Party crowd while voting the same way as every other South Dakotan we send to Washington, bringing home the bacon our state depends on.

Perhaps related from Ned Hodgman, sometimes government must act, even if we don't like it.

Update 2010.04.24 12:16 CDT: Add another $3M in free money and $5M in easy loan money from USDA to Kingbrook Rural Water System. This stimulus money will help connect 185 new customers to my water system, install 16 miles of new pipe, and build a water tower near Ramona. I suspect R. Blake would have Kingbrook just go down the street and ask Mary if they could borrow her water tower.

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