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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My School Board Votes: Weist and Weber

Oh yeah, it's election day! Sioux Falls gets the fun and excitement of a six-way mayoral rumble likely to extend into a run-off... and all Madison gets is a school board election where three of the four candidates will get to serve and a school tax opt-out that was hardly contested by any cranky letters to the editor (I think the Oldham-Ramona controversy sucked up all the debate oxygen 'round here).

My votes today: Paul Weist and Jan Weber. Of the four candidates, these two seem to be the least connected with the existing power structure of the community... and I'm feeling anti-establishment today. How about you? Who gets your check mark?

Of course, even my grouchiness probably won't keep me from checking yes on the opt-out. Russ Olson and his Republican colleagues worked hard in Pierre to break our legal promise and cut funding for education, so it falls to us to raise the money ourselves here in Madison. Thanks, Russ, for helping to bring the community together.

Update: Bonus note for Sioux Falls voters: on your school board ballot, do not, not, NOT check Jenay Hallickson's name! She's a Leslee Unruh disciple, Abstinence Clearinghouse employee, inclined to waste your tax dollars advocating failed abstinence education policies. Strong likelihood she's a creationist as well.

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