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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daugaard Speaking at Madison Glenn Beck Club May 11

Madison's 9-12 Project receives my community service star (a nice fat Red star! Ha!) for continuing to bring more statewide candidates to Madison than either of local political parties. Last month they brought Gordon Howie, R. Blake Curd, and Chris Nelson to town. Evidently the Glenn Beck club has a pattern: invite one candidate who might actually win and then two candidates for entertainment. The same pattern holds for their Tuesday, May 11 meeting, which features Kristi Noem, Patricia Stricherz, and Dennis Daugaard. Also on Tuesday's card, Lake County sheriff candidate Dan Wyatt.

My heart sinks to see otherwise rational public servants like Daugaard and Nelson playing to the hard right wing. But I'm feeling bright-sidey this cloudy morning: maybe Daugaard will talk some sense to our local secessionists... or at least get Stricherz to reverse her endorsement of Gordon Howie. And Aaron, please, ask Daugaard about full-reserve banking.

I do recommend as many people as possible attend this meeting. Our local parties aren't working hard enough to bring visits like this to town (and I'm on the Dems' committee, so that's part my fault, too!). I do have to give the 9-12ers credit for promoting public education. And where the Republicans charge you big money to sit at the Lincoln Day Dinner, the 9-12ers hand out BBQs and chips! The only price you pay is the assault on your logic from the whiteboard.

p.s.: I was hoping the local Glenn Beckers might at least stay away from rehashing the tired old culture war and focus on practical policy issues like the national debt. Alas, now they are also flogging the Dobsonite theocracy line, promoting the South Dakota Family Policy Council's "Fire-Up" Banquet in Sioux Falls Friday. Note how the FPC co-opts the ethos of local churches by handing out free tickets to pastors. Hmm... maybe the FPC and featured banquet speaker Tim Goeglein can explain why the family-values leaders keep turning out to be hypocrites?

1 comment:

  1. How about I ask him if he would be interested in creating a State owned bank like North Dakota?

    Maybe South Dakota could take advantage of fractional reserve banking and provide low interest loans to students and farmers, or anybody. Instead of the people of SD paying interest to private banks they would be paying interest to SD state owned bank. Then lower taxes!

    Man I'm so far right I'm left!



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