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Friday, May 21, 2010

Gordon Howie Imploding, Claims Death Threats

Prepare for a primary meltdown: Gordon Howie is losing it. Pat Powers reports that the South Dakota GOP gubernatorial candidate and self-professed teabagger is claiming he's received death threats.

Wow. Failing to generate any real groundswell of support, failing to turn an unsuccessful petition blitzkrieg into an effective campaign organization, winning nothing but the highest negative polling numbers of the five GOP gubernatorial candidates, Howie has no strategy left other than to end each week saying whacky things in a desperate bid for headlines. (Mission accomplished there... at least on the blogs that find his desperation pitiful.)

Howie's "death threat" cry proves his immersion in the Christian persecution complex that is so prevalent among the right-wingnuts who support him. Everyone's against us, everyone hates us... we must be special!

So help Howie out. Reinforce his persecution complex. Help him finish last in the primary. If you want to protest the mainstream GOP, cast your protest vote for Ken Knuppe and the Code of the West. For Howie, crushing defeat will be resounding victory.

Fifth place for Howie would be a victory for the rest of us as well.


  1. What's great about the meme of oppressed tea partiers is that when they win, it's a vindication of their "family" values.

    When they lose, it's a vindication that the voices of "real Americans" are stifled by liberal smears.

    At least when the Dems get beat in South Dakota, we're honest enough to be truthful about it, whether we like it or not.

  2. Not sure how folks get any enjoyment out of this matter. I think we should all be concerned if any SD candidate is getting threats. I may disagree with the folks on the liberal side of the street; however, I would be the first one at their side to defend their right to speak their piece.

    I would ask that if anyone would like to threaten this mild mannered little candidate, please enjoy the liberating experience of doing so in person.


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